Would you like to join us?


If you are interested in getting involved in practical ways then we'd be interested in hearing from you.  We always need roadies especially at gigs.  The commitment would not have to be at every rehearsal for this role - although any help at shifting or setting up gear is more than welcome - so please think about it if it is something that appeals to you! 

Please be aware that setting up before and after gigs (and rehearsals) involves quite a bit of physical lifting and setting up - although don't let that put you off as we all help each other!  Some gigs can mean long days or late nights. 

 We are more than just a band - we are close friends and therefore it is very important to us that the right people join us and that they feel comfortable with us.  We also have a lot of fun, put a lot of hard work in and have a lot of laughs.  If all of that appeals to you or you'd simply like to know a bit more please do get in touch.